A One Stop Beauty Pot

Herbfarmacy-skin-rescue-balm-grainyHerbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm (30g – £11.75 or 15g – as part of ‘Totally Balmy’ 3 x 15g balm kit £18.50)

I recently flew long haul from Sydney to London – via Korea. I stayed overnight in a hotel in Seoul but my bags were checked all the way through to London. So everything that I managed to cram into my tiny carry-on case had to work double time: long t-shirt and leggings work as pyjamas, scarf works as wrap / headrest, inflatable pillow works as footrest, iPad works as book / music / video player, and so on.

Imagine my joy at discovering a mini size pot of Herbfarmacy’s Skin Rescue Balm. This rich, thick unction works as a cleanser, reviver, moisturiser, lip balm, nail protector, hand restorer and dry patch rescuer all in one!

The balm is jam packed with beneficial organic oils like jojoba, sunflower and shea butter and smells divinely of pungent rosemary, chamomile and lavender.

In flight beauty routine:

After dinner (or lunch or breakfast – time means nothing when you’re flying long haul) drink a bottle of water. Cleanse face and neck thoroughly by applying Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm all over and then wiping it off using damp cotton wool sprayed with MV Rose Hydrating Mist. Pat a few drops of MV Instant Revival Skin Booster into cheeks and neck. Dab on Twelve Beauty Complete Regeneration night cream. Drink another bottle of water. Don silk eye mask and ear plugs. Try to get some sleep. Wake up no more than ten minutes later with body feeling generally like it’s been thrown off a cliff – desiccated with dehydration whilst simultaneously busting for a wee because of all the water you drank and unable to escape your seat because of you are hopelessly entangled in a smelly synthetic blanket and hemmed in by two slumbering strangers in adjacent seats. Smooth some Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm into nails and hands. Hold hands over face then inhale slowly, three times. Spray face with MV Rose Hydrating Mist. Resist urge to hydrate the snoring neighbours with rose mist. Perform first aid on lips, cheeks and eyelids with further dabs of Skin Rescue balm. Remove socks and massage feet with more balm. Watch movie. Fall asleep ten minutes before the end.

So, you see, Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm is more than just a multi-purpose cosmetic. It is a mini in-flight entertainment system. It wasn’t the only product that I took on the plane but if I had to pick just one, this would be it.

What is the one beauty product that you would carry across the planet?

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