Our mission is to inform you about how to replace your toxic beauty products with safe alternatives that are as good or better than the products you love, with the long term result of eradicating toxic cosmetics from our world, forever.

There’s something amiss with my moisturiser. Doesn’t it contain some kind of nasty chemical? And didn’t I read somewhere that my lipstick could be loaded with lead? And that my sunscreen might actually be causing cancer? Well, obviously I don’t want to be using toxic stuff – but how harmful is it anyway? What are the alternatives? Are they any good? Where do I get them? How much do they cost?

I really don’t have a spare lifetime to learn all this stuff.

The Good Glamour Guide opens the door to a fabulous new world of alternative cosmetics. Our straight-talking beauty sleuths investigate and report on the most covetable natural and organic products. Cutting edge cosmetics are reviewed in-depth by real women with real lives, just like you. We diligently research what’s wonderful, what works and what might be better left on the shelf. We demystify those head-spinning lists of ingredients. We assess the best new brands and tell you where to buy them. We uncover heavenly therapies, spas and treatments.

The Good Glamour Guide lights your path to natural beauty.