A Bewitching Night Cream

Twelve Beauty Complete Regeneration Night CreamTwelve Beauty Complete Regeneration Night Cream (50ml – £48)

Is a night cream really necessary or is it just a thicker version of a day cream? In the name of research I decided to try out Twelve Beauty Complete Regeneration Night Cream.

First impressions – the unction is presented in luxe-clinical style in a heavy glass jar with minimalist white and silver packaging. I like it. It is not heavily scented but gives off a subtly fresh aroma that reminds me of sharp mountain air.

Reading the ingredients listing I find that it contains anti-oxidant White Genepi extract, anti-inflammatory Imperatoria leaf extract and moisturising Mallow Flower extract. The cream feels incredibly smooth and cool on my skin. It is rich but not in the slightest bit greasy.

At £48 for 50ml this is not a cheap product but you need only the tiniest dab to cover your whole face and neck. It seems to glide over the skin like a veil. I used it pretty much every night and my 50ml pot has lasted five months. After the first few nights I honestly noticed that my skin looked clear and refreshed in the mornings and now, as I scrape the last skerricks from the bottom of the jar, I can confirm that Twelve Beauty Complete Regeneration Night Cream has earned a permanent place in the Good Glamour bathroom cabinet of virtuosity.


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