How to Get Beautiful Hair in Your Sleep

At the end of a summer of swimming, dyeing, backcombing and general tonsorial debauchery my hair resembles a desiccated haystack.

Not a problem. There is a simple and inexpensive way to transform dry hair from thatched-roof to red-carpet condition, overnight. Women all over the South Pacific have been doing this for millennia and, think about it, have you ever seen one of them with a barnet that did not resemble a waterfall of black silk? 

The evening before I’m due to wash my hair (since switching to sulphate-free shampoo I only need to wash it once a week), I slather on a restorative coconut treatment. Here’s how:

Divide your hair up into manageable sections with a sectioning comb (or a chopstick; the end of a toothbrush or a ballpoint pen – with the lid on).

Take a jar of raw, cold pressed coconut oil (get it from a health food store). The oil will be solid at room temperature. Scoop out about a teaspoon full at a time and warm it in the palm of your hand with your fingertips until it is quite runny.

Smooth it through each section of your hair from roots to tip.

Once you’ve done all the sections, work a bit extra into the ends of your hair – they are always drier and more damaged.

Coil your hair on top of your head and then wrap it up in a cotton turban or a small towel.

Go to bed.

In the morning, wash and condition your hair as normal. Lustrous locks guaranteed.

Biona raw, organic coconut oil.

One thought on “How to Get Beautiful Hair in Your Sleep

  1. Going to try this as since my hair has grown back after chemo it’s a different texture and I have been straightening it to try and rid the evil chemo curls

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