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wild roses by Nicolae Grigorescu

Wild Roses by Nicolae Grigorescu

Dr Hauschka Rose Garden Kit (Rose Day Cream 5g; Firming Mask 5g; Rose Body Oil 10ml; Rose Body Moisturiser 10ml; Hand Cream 10g – £19.95)

This little bag of trial size products from Dr Hauschka will make a wonderful gift to your self if you have been overdoing the party season and are in desperate need of a rejuvenating home spa treatment.

Normally the Dr Hauschka kits come in very practical little silver tins but the one I got was actually in a smart fabric makeup pouch. After a terribly busy week of roasting my body on the beach, I decided to have a couple of lazy nights at home. I soaked in the aromatic lavender bath oil, smothered myself in rose body oil and, after cleansing my face, I applied the rose day cream as a night cream. I used the rose hand cream to give myself a mini manicure and pedicure, pulled on a pair of fluffy socks and slept for a full 10 hours.

As Dr Hauschka tells us, the carefully selected aromatic herbs soothe both body and mind. The next morning I awoke soft scented and refreshed and after a quick shower I applied the silky smooth rose body lotion. I had enough rose day cream and hand cream to last the whole weekend.

Whilst Dr Hauschka also uses enlivening ingredients including lemongrass, lemon, almond and sandalwood in their products I find the rose and lavender to be the most hypnotic of the bath products and body oils and I recommend them for their relaxing qualities.

Dr Hauschka’s attractive little kits come in a bunch of varieties including face care, body care and aromatherapy. They are brilliant if you’re thinking of jumping on a plane or train to get out of Dodge for a few days and can’t be bothered with packing decisions.

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