Glamorous Gift Sets for Christmas

Bond Street Christmas by Jessica JonesDon’t fret, don’t frown. Stress-free Christmas shopping is simply a matter of matching the right person with the right present. The Good Glamouristas have pounded frosty pavements and almost drowned ourselves in potions, oils and creams to come up with the ultimate pick of this year’s gorgeous natural beauty gift sets. All you need to do is read our guide, force down another mince pie, reach out a languid finger and click.

Best Bath Time Indulgence

Nourish Radiance Body Gift setNourish Radiance Body Treats – £39.50

Contains delicious Radiance Shower Gel; Rose Body Butter; Fragrant Hand Lotion and an organic cotton flannel. Perfect for your friend who never wants to leave the bathroom.


Best Restorative Rosehip Treatment

Pai rosehip gift setPai Rosehip 3-Step Facial Gift Set – £30

You will have by now cottoned on to the fact that rosehip seed oil is Good Glamour’s #1 skin repair ingredient. Packed with antioxidants, it helps to reduce scarring, wrinkles and sun damage. This is more than just a Christmas present; it’s a cosmetic miracle in a box.


Best DIY Luxury Facial

Oskia pure luxury gift setOskia Pure Luxury Gift Collection – £135

I still reminisce about my trip to the Oskia Spa, ‘times may be tough but at least I got to have an Oskia facial once in my life…’ (downs bottle of vodka and handful of Prozac). This gift box contains everything needed to recreate that blissful experience in one’s very own bathroom. It’s a glorious gift for someone who loves to be pampered.


Best for Turning a Bedroom Into a Temple of Bliss

Ila Spa Dream of CalmIla Spa ‘A Dream of Calm’ Gift Set – £80

Is your loved one tense and nervous and they can’t relax? Save them from their Psycho Killer tendencies with this meditational indulgence. Method: light scented Tuberose & Rose Candle; dim lights; step into steaming bath infused with Glowing Radiance Bath Oil; steep for 20 mins; wrap body in soft towel; play Dream Time Journey CD (not too loud); apply heavenly Rose Facial Oil; lie on bed; breeeeeathe.


Best Travel Kit for a One-Week Holiday

Dr Alkaitis Travel KitDr Alkaitis Travel Kit – £52.25

So you and your dearest are hopping off to Miami or Marrakech for a few days to escape Christmas altogether? Good idea. Maximum freedom and a feeling of smug superiority can always be achieved by travelling with hand luggage only. But there is the big dilemma about how to fit all the toiletries one needs into the airport prescribed tiny ziplock plastic bag. Clever old Dr Alkaitis has solved that problem by devising a kit that contains mini portions of everything needed for a short break: Day Crème; Night Crème; Eye Crème; Cleanser; Facial Oil; Soothing Gel; Herbal Toner and four Face Masks. Simply chuck in your toothbrush and you’re fit to fly.


Best Long-Haul Travel Kit

MV organic skincare travel essentials kitMV Organic Skincare All Skin Types, All Ages Travel Essentials – £82

If your friend / mum / brother is flying to Australia, Thailand or Brazil for Christmas, you maybe don’t see why you should buy them a present as well. But please, just consider that they are going to be imprisoned in a metal tube for anything from twelve to twenty-four hours, being force-fed over salted food, desiccated by cabin air and possibly half dead from alcohol poisoning. Can you find it in your heart to swallow your chagrin and wish them bon-voyage with this perfect long-haul travel kit? It contains everything required to survive the flight: Gentle Cream Cleanser to remove grime and makeup without stripping the skin’s natural oils; Rose Mist Toner to rehydrate the face and hands and Pure Jojoba Oil to keep skin supple and glowy.


Best Beautiful Hair Travel Kit

Rahua jet-setter kitRahua Jet-Setter Kit – £27

Let’s face it, the shampoo and conditioner they give you in hotels is just the cheapest rubbish they can lay their hands on. Rahua, on the other hand, produces the finest tonsurial cleansing products known to mankind. Give this to someone whose hair is their crowning glory and they will certainly remember you in their will at some, hopefully distant, future date.


Best Pampering Gift for Someone That is Ill or in Hospital

chemo chic essential handbag kitChemo Chic Essential Handbag Kit – £39

Following my own experience with illness and hospital stays, I devised this kit in conjunction with Content Beauty. It contains a selection of really useful, nourishing and uplifting skincare products that are a wonderful lifter-upper for anyone who is feeling ghastly: Hurraw Black Cherry Lip Balm keeps lips moist and adds a hint of colour; Suvana Paw-Paw & Honey Balm is soothing for hands and feet; Pai Rosehip Oil keeps the face looking lovely and is excellent for helping scars to heal and Green & Spring Antibacterial Hand Gel is a lovely and moisturising alternative to the awful stuff they use in hospitals. This present is a lovely way to cheer up anyone who is going through a horrible health crisis.


Best Gift for Setting a Teenager On To the Non-Toxic Beauty Path

The Organic Pharmacy Teen Skin Gift SetThe Organic Pharmacy Teen Gift Set – £65

Like me, you probably assaulted your body for decades with a soup of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colours and artificial fragrances before discovering the righteous path to natural beauty. And I bet you’ve winced in horror to see your daughter squandering her pocket money on sackloads of nasty, poisonous goop. It’s a worry, there’s no doubt. But here is a chance to convert your teenage beauty addict to the path of non-toxic gorgeousness before the rot sets in. This well thought out kit covers the basics: Peppermint Face Wash; Manuka Face Cream and Petal Shimmer Lip Gloss.


Best Cute Green Gift With a Conscience

Matter Inc Bird Project Soap with boxMatter Inc Bird Project Soap – £24.50

This black soap, made with olive oil, activated black charcoal, organic aloe and biodiesel glycerine, is shaped like a little bird. Each black soap bird contains a white ceramic bird hidden inside it. The project aims to spotlight the problems caused in Louisiana by the BP oil spill, and to help fund the cleanup. It’s a really cute concept: “Through the daily act of washing, eventually the clean, white, ceramic birds are freed from inside, revealing potent symbols of recovery” 50% of profits are donated to Gulf restoration. A gorgeous not grungy gift for the environmentally minded.


Best Siren Call Makeup Collection

organic glam makeup bag and gift setOrganic Glam Makeup Bag Gift Set – £73.90

A glossy black pouch contains three cosmetics essential for creating a drop-dead movie star look: Black Mascara; Red Lipstick (it rocks) and perfect Red Nail Varnish. Give this to your favourite femme-fatale.


Best for a Heavenly Fragrant Home

Neom Organics scent with love home gift setNeom Organics Scent With Love Home Scenting Gift Set – £50

Live life from dawn to dusk in an atmosphere of fragrant elegance: a mini Happiness Reed Diffuser to start the day with joyousness; a Complete Bliss Travel Candle to take on the bus and a Tranquility Pillow Mist to engender sweet dreams. A fabulous gift for your mini cab driver or anyone else who insists on fouling your environment with Airwicks and Magic Trees.


Best Natural Beauty Gift that Keeps on Giving

amarya beauty boxAmarya Beauty Box, One-Year Subscription – £150

Imagine the joy: not just on Christmas day, but on a day every month, for a year, a package drops through the letter box. Inside are samples and trial sizes of the latest and greatest natural and non-toxic beauty products. You rip open the cardboard, rush to the bathroom and start experimenting like an alchemist of divinity with your new potions. Now imagine giving that joy to someone else, not you. This is a brilliant present for a teenager who is beginning to experiment and find out which products she loves.

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