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Testing new cosmetics in very trying conditions

Testing new cosmetics in very trying conditions

Good Glamouristas – I apologise for my lengthy absence. I’ve been in Australia. Not much of an excuse, I know… they do have the internet in the Antipodes – but not on the beach!

I went to Tasmania to help my Mum who had been in the middle of some horrendous fires (she is fine and her house was not burned to the ground – thank you for asking). After six weeks of chopping undergrowth, clearing gutters, sanding and oiling verandahs, planting shrubs and stuffing my face with divine local produce I felt I needed another holiday and headed for delightful Sydney – my hometown. That was hard work indeed, involving an inordinate amount of swimming and eating.

The good news is that I’ve had the chance to thoroughly test some fabulous cosmetics in front-line conditions: in suffocation heat, blazing sunshine; salt water; on long-haul flights and, of course, in a variety of restaurants.

My latest reviews will commence forthwith.

What do you think?