How to Read a Label

cosmetic label abstractWhilst lurking around in the Liberty cafe, earwigging at women chatting over green tea and gluten-free toast, or nonchalantly strolling up and down the cosmetics hall at Selfridges, I hear a moan escape from many a glossed lip: “I really want to buy non toxic beauty products but it does my head in trying to remember what to avoid.”  Continue reading

Know Your Nasties: Parabens

Parabens (ethyl-, methyl-, propyl-, butyl-, isobutyl-)

What are they?

Parabens are cheap preservatives that can extend the shelf life of products to up to ten years.

What’s the problem?  Continue reading

In Conversation: Margo Marrone

Margo Marrone began her career as a pharmacist. In the course of her research she was shocked to find how many toxic ingredients lurk in the cosmetics that we use every day. Margo founded The Organic Pharmacy with her husband Franco in 2002. The Organic Pharmacy and their make-up range Organic Glam have become trailblazers in covetable, natural skincare. Jessica Jones chats to her about cosmetics and carcinogens.  Continue reading

Black Marketing

The more I have researched cosmetics, the more I have cottoned on to the sly marketing dodges that big beauty companies use to push their overpriced, cheap, nasty products onto our bathroom shelves. Here are a few of their sneaky tricks. Continue reading