The Amazing 3 Minute Makeup

3 minute makeup

The o-l-d-e-r I get the more I cannot be bothered to mess about with makeup. The sad irony though is that the older I get, the more I need to subtly disguise under-eye bags, cheek blotches, forehead furrows and the rest of their gruesome gang.

So I have developed a nifty morning routine that allows me to lounge in bed with my cup of tea catching up with all the latest gossip about world disasters, war and political idiocracy on Radio 4’s Today until 08:47, and still be clocking on at work by 09:00.

08:47: jump in shower.

08:52: towel dry; moisturise face and body, apply deodorant.

08:55: brush teeth and hair.

08:57: makeup, see below.

Using a flat brush I erase the dark circles under my eyes and lines on either side of my nose with Vapour Illusionist concealer.

Then I pat a couple of squirts of Oskia Get Up & Glow all over my face and neck to give a glowy finish to my skin.

Next, I dab a tiny amount of rms Smile Lip2Cheek colour onto the apples of my cheeks – just enough to add a pinky flush – and an even tinier amount onto my temples to balance the cheek colour.

With a fine angled brush I darken and extend my eyebrows using a touch of rms Seduce cream eye shadow, then brush some more of the same product onto the outer third of my eyelids and smudge it across the lids with a cotton wool bud.

Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly conscientious, I enhance my eyelashes with a sweep of Organic Glam mascara.

Finally, a quick coat of Ilia Bang Bang Red lip conditioner – it’s lighter than a full on lipstick and gives a lush crimson stain to my lips.

09:00: run to my laptop, open the lid and start tapping out today’s glamourama!

N.B. If you go to work outside of your home you may need to allow extra time for getting dressed.

What is your favourite speedy makeup tip? Please tell us.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing 3 Minute Makeup

  1. If you’re going outside you will need a sunscreen, even in the greyness of the UK winter …. Any organic natural SPF 30 light and glowy products available?

  2. Hello Mel, I like Trilogy’s Vital Moisturising Cream (SPF 15). It’s an antioxidant moisturiser with jojoba and rose hip seed oils and a zinc oxide sunscreen. Otherwise I use the GreenPeople Scent Free Sun Lotion (SPF 15 – they also do a SPF 25 but 15 is sufficient for a British winter). Both products are not greasy and go on well under makeup. Using a zinc oxide based make-up (like Inika Mineral Foundation) will give added sun protection.

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